Ham Radio Tower Build

For Field Day 2009 my friend Paul (KC2TOO) and I built a 40' tower back on my family's farm.  I have to admit, half the reason we built it was just to have a fun project to work on over the summer, and it was an accomplishment to stand back and look at the tower we built. 

For now the tower is setup to run several different antenna's, at the very top of the mast (at 50') is a 2 meter J-Pole.  At the top of the tower at 40' is a full size G5RV setup as an inverted V, at the 30' mark and 90 degrees offset from the top G5RV is a G5RV Jr.  Also when KC2TOO is around sometimes we will mount his 20m and 40m hamsticks horizontally at about the 20' mark.

The newest addition to the tower is a solar panel and equipment boxes at the bottom of it, we have two deep cycle batteries at the base of the tower and a nice inverter.  So now we have the ability to power our equipment without having to bring anything with us.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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In this picture we are hooking the tower up to a log truck to raise it into position. I had planned initially to build the tower in place by hand, but my Dad was worried we would kill ourselves doing it. After seeing how it went using the log truck, it turns out my Dad is a very wise man :-)