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I have been fascinating by radio since I was a little kid.  I used to fiddle with my fisher price walkie talkie until I was able to communicate with it about half a mile, then as a teenager I got into CB radio and always had one in my car to talk with friends and any other random people that I could get out to.  I had heard of Ham radio, but had never had the opportunity to see it or play with it.

 I don't remember how I ended up running into Ham radio again, but I looked into it to see how difficult it would be to get licensed, turned out they had dropped the requirement to learn morse code, so it ended up being relatively easy.  A few weeks of studying and I had my tech license (In June 2008).  I have since studied and upgraded to the general class license and purchased an ICOM IC-735 HF radio.

 I try to make contacts as often as I can, I really enjoy participating in some of the contests.  At home I have a