Wild Edibles / Recipes

One of the passions that Meagan and I both share is a love for cooking, we have spent countless evenings making overly complex meals just for the two of us.  We both love to cook for company and we have developed a bit of a reputation for our sometimes over the top meals.

With that in mind, it is only a natural progression for me to dive into wild edibles and want to come up with my own recipes for what I find.  One thing I find quite often is that different plants and such are presented as being edible, but when you try them, they are actually fairly awful!  However I place much of the blame on how they are being prepared, not on the plants themselves, if you are truly honest, most things people try and cook outdoors is pretty bad by the standards we expect out of our kitchens.

To that end, as I experiment and create good recipes and techniques I intend to document the process and also share the recipes in this section.  Please enjoy, and don't just read about it here, go out and try it!