Fiddlehead Ferns

Status: Edible
Edible Parts: Young shoots

First thing in the spring before you see anything else coming up, take a look around some streams and see if you can see the dead leftovers from the previous years fiddlehead ferns. Once you find these and come back, you will know right where to look.
Fiddlehead fern


Description: Fiddlehead ferns are some of the first things you will see coming up in the spring, if you know how to look for the dead ones from last year (shown above) it makes them very easy to spot out in the woods.

Preparation: I have not tried these yet (I picked some and forgot them in the fridge).  But from reading you want to scrape all the papery stuff off the sides and then wash them in several changes of cold water to remove any dirt and grit.

From what I have read, keep it simple when preparing these, and use them while they are FRESH.  You can steam them or maybe pan fry them in some butter like you would asparagus, then serve with pasta or on their own as a side.