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February 14, 2011

Picture of the week (Dog Tired)

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What can I say about this, in the winter Madison is glued to our heater. And its not that she is cold, she is perfectly fine outside in the snow, its just that its SOOO warm and its right there. Often times I will get down on the floor beside her as she is really funny to watch when she is up against the heater and when you feel her, its hard to figure out how she doesn’t just cook sitting there.

A really funny one is when we turned on our AC for the first time last summer. The heater had not been on for awhile, and as soon as the blower kicked on, Madison got all excited and plopped down, when the cold air came blasting out, she looked betrayed!

December 6, 2010

Picture of the week (Christmas Tree)

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We spent some time getting the Christmas tree and all of our other decorations up this weekend. Once again we elected to put up the smaller 4 foot because we are afraid that if we put up a full size tree (that Madison could reach) this picture would end up being the “before” picture with the after picture showing ornaments strewn all over the room and a really happy puppy sitting in the middle of the mess!

Since we are pretty well heading into the Christmas season at this point, I hope you all have a great December, and don’t let the holiday stress (or food) get you!

November 8, 2010

Picture of the week (Hiking with Madison)

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I went hiking a few weeks ago at one of my Dad’s woods.  The intent of the trip was to see how Madison did on a hiking/camping trip.  I have done both with her in the past, but never combined them, also all the hiking I have done with her was on established trails, I wanted to see how she would do just going through the middle of the woods.

In short, she loved the hiking, she followed me very well, was able to find her way around trees and through streams and such to keep up.  However once we got to our camping spot, every time I would turn my back on her, she would head back the way we came in to go back to the car.

I didn’t end up getting to camp that trip, but I did get some fun pictures on the hike out.

October 21, 2010

My pointy eared camping buddy

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So the last couple times I have gone camping down at my parents farm Madison has come along, I think I may have started a bad thing!  Our puppies never get to be off leash outdoors, its been a hard fast rule for as long as we have had dogs.  However back at the farm we have decided to let them have time off leash as long as someone is keeping an eye on them, back there you are a quite a long ways from the road or any other real hazard to them.

So how do the dogs react to their new found freedom?  They never stop running, Madison can run for three days straight, I swear I can see her grinning from ear to ear back there.  Then when its time for bed she settled right down in the tent and was good up until about 5am (Which is about when I normally get up anyways).  I hope you enjoy the couple short clips and a lighter article today!

August 16, 2010

Picture of the week (Dog Tired)

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There was a reason the phrase “Dog Tired” was created, and as you can see from the pictures, our pups exemplify it nicely :-). Featured in this photo is Madison, and some days she has a very hard time deciding whether to sleep in her cube or on the floor, the result of such hard decisions tend to end up with her picking both!

May 17, 2010

Picture of the week

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If you were to look up “intense” in the dictionary, it should have a picture of Ella when she is chewing on her bone!  We keep getting bigger bones for the pups so they will actually last for a bit and they keep taking it up as a challenge.  Can you imagine enjoying something as much as this pup enjoys a good bone?

March 20, 2010

The purpose driven puppy

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* Please note, today’s post is from a guest writer, our Madison pup *

Today I would like to talk to you about a very important topic: purpose.  Purpose is an important part of any puppy’s life, and it should be an important part of your life as well.  You need to have a goal upon waking each morning – something to drive you throughout the day. My purpose, my driving force, my ultimate goal  is to make sure that everyone in the house is up by  6am.

The great thing about goals like these are they are easily measurable, plus once you have met you goal you can go back to bed for the day, isn’t puppyhood awesome!?

So having a goal is not enough. You need a plan as well. Take me, for example. I don’t care if I have to get every toy in the house out, I am determined to find the nosiest toy that hasn’t been hidden yet. Failing that, I will scratch on doors and cry for literally minutes if I have to – you must stay true to your goals, you see.

Another thing, planning is key for your goals and purpose.  Without proper planning, how can you expect to ever achieve your purpose?  Let me give you another example. In order to wake up everyone in the house up in the morning, I have to do some serious planning. You see, if I just run around trying to bark and make noise I will get picked up or foiled in some other way.  However if I lay in a really cute position and pretend to be asleep, no one will think of me being a risk to the sleepy, then as soon as they are not paying attention to me, I can strike.! You see, with proper planning reaching my goals becomes much easier!

One last thought, though. Don’t let other people tell you your goals and purpose in life are not worth it or are not achievable, I swear that some mornings everyone in the house is against me achieving my goals, but let me tell you, I never let that get in the way.  Once I achieve my goals for the day it all feels worthwhile!

Since I am first introducing Madison on the blog here I wanted to include a link to the great breeder we got her from, Amy @ www.ajjlsyorkies.com.  We looked for awhile to find the perfect breeder to work with, and there is soo much to love about her breeding program, check out her website (I host it now!), and if you are thinking of getting a puppy, get in touch with her.

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