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December 18, 2011

The life of my first Vibrams

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It is a sad thing to report, but I believe the time has finally come to replace my first pair of running shoes, my red Vibram Fivefinger KSO’s.  I recently tore up the top of the left shoe while skidding across the sidewalk after I tripped on a crack running before daylight.  Also the glue holding the sole to the shoe has been breaking down and the rubber on the toes has been flopping around some.  And then the final blow, during my last run, I wore through the rubber on bottom of my middle tow, so now that is hanging down and wants to catch on everything.

So I think its safe to say, these Vibrams are done, I am sad, but they do not owe me anything.  I have put them through hell week after week after week.  I run on rocks, pavement, lots of mud.  They are constantly soaked, and I wash them in the washing machine almost every week.  I have trained for and ran two full marathons, one half marathon, and several 5k’s.  I do not know exactly how many miles I have on them, but looking through my training logs, I would be surprised if they had less than 800 miles on them, I think they have closer to 1,000 miles.

Besides the raw miles, these were my first real running shoes.  When I started in these I could not run a single mile without having walking breaks.  I went from running about 12 minute miles down to where I can now run a mile in the lower 7 minute range.  Also throughout the life of this pair of Vibrams I have lost about 40 pounds, and I feel I am in the best shape I have been in my life.

I spent some time looking through my pictures where these Vibrams were the star and I decided to post up a short history of them in this article.  Several of the pictures have been posted on here before, but hopefully you don’t mind.

Running Cleveland Marathon in May 2011

Running the Lake Classic half marathon in June (This is at the finish line)

Running the Lions Club 5k also in June

Running the Drake Well marathon in August

So with that, I must say farewell to these wonderful shoes.  I already have the replacement for them and I have been trying to break them in, they are… wait for it… A new red pair of Vibram Fivefinger KSO’s (The exact same ones again 🙂 ).

One final note I thought was interesting, almost everyone, if you look at the soles of their old shoes they will have worn out either the inside or outside of their shoes (I used to always wear out the inside).  With my Vibrams, I wore out the rubber on the ball of my foot in the center.  That shows that I was striking the ground dead center on the ball of my foot and that my foot wasn’t rolling to one side or the other.  Try to get that wear pattern o


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