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March 21, 2011

Picture of the week (First Spring Shoots, Grape Hyacinth’s)

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On Saturday, I spent the afternoon walking around the different parks in Mentor.  I am out scouting where I am going to take my wild edibles group that I am starting.  It is still a bit early to find much of anything, but I probably found at least a dozen edibles and I have a couple of places that I think I can use for taking the wild edibles group.

While I was out walking, this was the first spring shoot I ran across, I am not sure what it is yet, I will probably stop back by in a couple weeks to see if I can tell then.  I think things will be turning green pretty soon, just from when I was out in the woods Saturday until I went back again on Sunday to try and confirm one of the plants I found, there were several more things coming up.

Update: 4-14-2011:

I was just back to check on these shoots tonight and I can now identify these as Grape Hyacinth’s. These particular shoots have been pretty well eaten by the local wildlife, however there are plenty more in the immediate area that still had flowers, and they were pretty easy to identify from there.

Interestingly enough, the flowers on the Grape Hyacinth are edible, I picked about a dozen of the flowers and I ate a couple of them, they do not have a lot of taste, but they were pleasant enough. In reading they say it should taste a bit like sour grapes with a bitter aftertaste. I noticed the sour taste, but they were not bitter at all, and they didn’t really have much in the way of a grape taste. I would munch on them though next time I run into them.

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  1. Marcus,

    This looks like wild hyacinth to me.

    Comment by Stu — March 24, 2011 @ 1:19 pm

  2. We looked for images on google like the shoots that the picture was of. We decided that they were either wild crocuses or bluebells.


    Comment by Mom — March 26, 2011 @ 7:17 pm

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