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March 5, 2011

Marathon Update, Ouch – Peroneal Tendonitis

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So, first major setback since I started training for my Marathon.  It turns out I hurt my foot during the very same run I posted a picture of last week (http://www.kd8itx.com/blog/2011/02/marathon-update/).  In my excitement to get to run outside for the first time, I didn’t think things through and my first time running on pavement instead of a treadmill I ran 7 miles.  The smart thing would have been to do one of my shorter 3 mile runs outside and build up to my longer runs.

Hindsight, it turns out is still 20/20.  Anyways, I have been limping around for almost two weeks now, my foot doesn’t hurt bad, it actually doesn’t hurt at all unless I try walking more than a few hundred yards.  However, it is hard to run when your tendons are burning a bit.

After the first week of icing my foot and resting, it didn’t seem to be getting much better, so I scheduled an appointment with a local Podiatrists, I wasn’t able to get in until just this last Thursday.  It took them all of 5 minutes to confirm what I thought it was (Peroneal Tendonitis), but it was funny to watch their thought processes on how to treat it.  I had worn my Vibram FiveFinger shoes in, I wanted to make sure they were aware of what they were since they are quite different than the norm.  The doctor started saying that this was a common overuse injury and that they would just get me an insert to put into my …, as he was saying that his gaze moved to my Vibrams and his voice trailed off, then he said “Huh, I don’t think an insert would do much in those shoes”.

He conferred with another doctor, and they mentioned me switching to regular shoes for awhile, but I told them part of the point of wearing the Vibrams was to strengthen my overall foot, which they agreed it would, and after talking for a few minutes they decided that any type of support would go against what I am trying to do (strengthen my overall foot).  In the end they prescribed some anti-inflammatory medicine and then referred me to a local physical therapy office where they said most of the staff there were runners as well.

So on Tuesday I will be going in there, they are probably going to have me run on a treadmill with my Vibrams on and record my running so they can look at it in slow motion and see if there is anything in my running gait that is incorrect.  They will also probably do electronic stim and such as well to help with healing my foot (I went through this a bit over a year ago with my lower back).  Either way, I am really itching to get back to running.  You can bet one of my first questions to the physical therapist will be when I can start running again.

As for my marathon, I have not been running, but I am still going into the gym and training on an elliptical machine, it is not nearly as good as running, but it is better than nothing.  I am very much hoping that this injury doesn’t prevent me from running a full marathon, however I still have over two months before the marathon, so my chances are good at recovering and getting back to my training.  At this point my worst case scenario is that I will have to drop back to running a half marathon instead of the full one.

I should probably also note, this is not the first injury I have gotten since I started running in my Vibram FiveFingers, its just the first one I have gotten since I started the “official” training program for my marathon.  I have had small issues fairly often.  However, that is by no means proof that you need shoes with lots of support, etc.  Each injury I have gotten so far is almost like a milestone for me, it is almost like I am finding my weakest point and then I have the opportunity to strengthen that point and move on.  When I first started running I had so many aches and pains in my knees, ankles, tendons in my feet, my Achilles tendon, my arches hurting, etc.  It really is enough to discourage many people, but you have to realize what is happening, all of those aches and pains were happening right along side my feet and legs getting stronger.  By wearing shoes with so much support, our feet and legs have lost so much of its own support, that if you force them to have to support you again on their own, you will go through these same types of issues.

I can feel a definite difference since I started running in my Vibrams, my arches in my feet are higher, my calves and tendons are much stronger than they ever were, and I have noticed that my overall posture while standing, walking, and running has improved.  I very much believe that the aches and pains along the way are worth the benefits I am beginning to see.

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  1. I just bought my first pair of fivefingers (the Bikila womans in silver/verde) and can’t wait/dreading to get them. I know taking it slow is important and I know there is a lot of potential to hurt yourself early on before the muscles have had a chance to strengthen after a lifetime of atrophy.
    Thanks for the experiences… here goes nothing!

    Comment by Jackie Suhy — May 18, 2011 @ 10:11 pm

  2. Congrats on joining the Vibram club! No need to dread them, I have enjoyed them all the way through. Its kind of like when you first go to the gym, you know you are going to be a bit sore afterwords, but there is a purpose to it, and its temporary. If you ease in, you won’t run into anything you can’t handle. I took it a bit fast getting my first pair then almost immediately starting to train for a marathon in them, but I still had fun.

    Comment by Marcus — May 19, 2011 @ 5:24 am

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