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March 12, 2011

Marathon update (Back to running)

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So the limping is over, thank goodness!  The anti-inflammatory that the doctor prescribed me was fast, within about 24 hours, my foot was done hurting.  This week I have been slowly getting my mileage back up, starting with 1 mile last Friday and working up to 4 miles this Wednesday.  If you are reading this between 8am – 9:30am, then I will most likely be out running my long run for the week (10 miles this week).

I was surprised at how much I missed running, I was starting to twitch not being able to have my morning run, I was still going into the gym and spending the same amount of time I would have been running and instead working out on the elliptical machine, however that is not much of a workout for me anymore.  A couple of nice things that came out of this injury, I am now hooked up with a great physical therapy place that has a lot of experience with runners.  That may not sound that great, but now I have a place that can monitor my running and give some feedback, they are going to help me a bit with my form and such to help prevent future injuries.  Also after meeting with them, they said I was in excellent shape overall and they cleared me to get back to my normal training schedule.

So depending on weather, hopefully this next week I will be able to try running outside again, however I am going to take it a bit easier this time, I am going to do my 3 and 4 mile runs outside to get used to running on pavement before I start trying to run the long runs again out there.  My physical therapist told me that as soon as I felt comfortable with running outside I should probably start doing short runs, as I will need all the time I have to get used to it since the Marathon is coming right up.

This last week while I was browsing through some sites reading about others that have run marathons in Vibram FiveFingers I ran across a website from Harvard University where they were highlighting the difference of running barefoot VS running in shoes, it was great to see that they had studies and research to backup the fact that running basically barefoot was in fact not bad for you, and that in most cases it is better than running using regular running shoes.  It was fascinating to watch the slow motion video’s of a runner running in shoes VS barefoot and to see how much softer overall it was on their joints.  I was also very interested to see that there is no issues with running on hard surfaces barefoot.  I know that has been one of the bigger questions people ask of me, and now I have an answer, running barefoot on pavement isn’t bad for my joints, it will just take a little bit for my body to adjust to it.  Please take some time to look around their site, especially the FAQ there, they really have some great info. (http://www.barefootrunning.fas.harvard.edu/index.html)

Hopefully, for my update next week I can share some really successful runs, and maybe have a picture from a gorgeous morning run!

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  1. That’s all good news, especially having the Physical therapy center to help monitoring your progress.
    Training for a marathon is serious running, so, we wish you the best Marcus.


    Comment by Mom — March 12, 2011 @ 6:56 am

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