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March 17, 2011

Made a snow popsicle

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As I was bringing in another snowdrift down to the basement for my Aquaponics (Winter water collection system/), I had this idea, more of piece of inspired genius really.  The snow looked so good, so white, and so refreshing, as I was munching on a bit of it, I though, man this would be good with some maple syrup on it!

I was right, it was good.  We used to go to a festival every year out by Warren, PA and they had the best shaved ice I have ever had anywhere, I am not a fan of snow cones for the most part, but those were always so good.  This snow Popsicle was ever bit as good, and I would dare say it was a bit better just because it didn’t have fake flavors in it, the ingredient list consisted of #1 Snow, #2 Real Maple Syrup, #3 A spoon to attach it to.  Once I made the snowball around the spoon, I just drizzled some syrup around it, and it got sucked right into the snowball.  When I ate it, it had maple syrup taste throughout the entire ball.

I know this isn’t a totally original idea, probably been done for millenniums, I just hadn’t really thought about it until today, and its unfortunate too, because I am betting this was our last real snowfall of the year.  However, you can bet one of the first things I do next year when the snow starts falling will be to make another snow Popsicle.

Oh, and by the way, if you couldn’t tell, the dogs really REALLY thought my snow Popsicle looked delicious, if you look close at Ella (The pup on my shoulder), you will see her tongue is already out and in licking position!

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  1. Is this your survival dessert? 🙂


    Comment by Mom — March 17, 2011 @ 9:49 am

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