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January 25, 2011

Picture of the week (Aquaponic Lettuce)

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First off, I am very sorry about the utter lack of articles and pictures over the last month here, I swear I am not out of idea’s or content.  My laptop that I use at home died a few weeks ago and I have been having trouble getting a computer back up and running to use, you wouldn’t think being the computer guy that I am that this would present an issue, however with me being cheap and not wanting to spend anything coupled with how busy I have been, I just haven’t gotten my computer back running again.  I am going to try and get back to posting though even with the current computer issues.

So about the picture, I realised I haven’t posted any pictures of my Aquaponics since I setup the new bin a few months ago, things have been going very well, no more fish deaths, no more fin rot or ich, etc.  We have been eating pretty steady out of the new bin I setup, we get a couple salads every week or so out of it, plus all the parsley you can ever deal with, we are having parsley with EVERYTHING!

I am hoping to do some more planting in the Aquaponics in the next few days just to fill in some of the spots that are still a bit bare, no use in having space going to waste!

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