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December 13, 2010

Picture of the day (Aquaponic Quarantine Tank)

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I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I had setup a quarantine tank for my Aquaponics and it seems I never posted a picture of it.  As you can see its nothing special, a very simple design.  In the picture you can see two tanks, the one on the right is my quarantine tank and I built a small grow bed out of a 5 gallon bucket where I am growing some mint.  I intend to add three more 5 gallon buckets, most likely all running out of the quarantine tank.  The tank on the left is one I store water in to refill the two regular fish tanks with.  Since I am now using rainwater to refill my tanks (and its winter here now), I don’t want to bring in freezing cold water and add it directly to the fish tanks, instead I put it in the tank to the left and let it sit at least a day to get it to the exact temperature of the regular tanks.

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