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October 27, 2010

Sprint Mobile Wallet now released!

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I normally don’t mention specific projects I am on at work as I never want to accidentally let information slip that was not ready to be publicly released, but I wanted to do a quick post on this one, seeing that it is hitting all the major tech news sources a small post of mine shouldn’t matter.

I work on the mobile phone development team at work, and for about the last month I have been working on a project with Sprint to develop a “Wallet” that can be used to make purchases through your cell phone.  If you are familiar with the iPhone in phone purchases its the same basic thing.  Mobile users can setup payment types like credit card or an Amazon account, etc and then when they want to buy something from their phone they only have to enter a pin to complete the transaction.

Yesterday evening the CEO of Sprint announced the wallet I helped develop during his keynote speech at the Sprint Developers Conference.  It is really cool to see a project that I had a hand in get announced so publicly.  As a programmer it is very common to have years of work running on something that nobody has ever heard of or really cares about.  People for the most part have no idea how many thousands of hours of programming go into almost every component of their daily lives.

I have gotten the privilege several times to have products I have worked on get pretty wide attention, the difference on this release is that I am one of the lead developers for the product, and will have a large roll in continuing to work with Sprint to develop ongoing features for a product they will end up building in as a core component of there mobile phones.

If you want to see a couple articles I turned up with a quick search on Google news you can read the following:



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