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October 21, 2010

My pointy eared camping buddy

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So the last couple times I have gone camping down at my parents farm Madison has come along, I think I may have started a bad thing!  Our puppies never get to be off leash outdoors, its been a hard fast rule for as long as we have had dogs.  However back at the farm we have decided to let them have time off leash as long as someone is keeping an eye on them, back there you are a quite a long ways from the road or any other real hazard to them.

So how do the dogs react to their new found freedom?  They never stop running, Madison can run for three days straight, I swear I can see her grinning from ear to ear back there.  Then when its time for bed she settled right down in the tent and was good up until about 5am (Which is about when I normally get up anyways).  I hope you enjoy the couple short clips and a lighter article today!

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