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August 7, 2010

Found some mushrooms

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Over the last week I have been spending my lunch breaks at work up at Headlands State Park and walking on the Zimmerman Trail. Both of these are about 5 minutes from work, and it really lets you calm your mind and really get ready for the later half of the work day.

While I was out on the Zimmerman trail I was keeping an eye out for mushrooms, I found a group of probably 20 that looked like the pictures below:

This year I have been really focusing on learning wild edibles, I would love to learn how to identify the different edible mushrooms. I have found a couple books that look good, I just need to buy them and get started. I used a guide online (Rogers Mushrooms) to try and identify this mushroom, from as near as I can tell this is a Clitocybe phyllophila mushroom. I did not collect enough information while in the woods to positively identify it, but I learned more of what to look for. Some of the things that would have helped to identify it would have been to take a spore print, feel the mushroom to see if it was slimy or dry and smell it.

To me the important part is to just keep trying to identify them, this was one of my first attempts to find and then positivally identify a mushroom species, hopefully each time I do it, I get better at knowing what to look for. For this particular mushroom all of the ones that seem like it could be it are inedible so being absolutely positive on the identification probably doesn’t matter that much, its more of the challenge to me to know.

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