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July 4, 2010

I’m Back!

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So, it has been a very long time since my last post, and no, I haven’t forgotten about my blog.  The last month has been a bit crazy around here; this is just a few of the highlights from the last month:

  • Meagan was in the hospital for a couple days do to being extremely anemic, this was a pretty scary time, and she has been very busy going back and forth to doctors over the last month since she got out of the hospital to try and fix the issue she had so she doesn’t end up back in the hospital again.
  • We paid off the last of our credit card debt!  We have been working to pay off some old debt for some time now and we just mailed in the final payment on our credit cards.  From now on its all cash (or debit card) for us.  Actually we have not used credit cards for a couple years now; we have just been working to pay them all off.
  • I am still running, and I have broken my running record several times, my current best time for running 3 miles is 25:31.  My ultimate goal is 24:00 which will be 8 minute miles, it feels like I will never get there, but at the same time, I have been shaving off some pretty substantial time lately.
  • We have planted tomatoes in our back yard, we are quite late getting them planted, but we are most years and it doesn’t seem to matter much.  We are very much looking forward to having some fresh home grown tomatoes.
  • I have been reading the book “Getting Things Done” and working to integrate the ideas in the book into my every day life.  Basically the book is written for “Knowledge Workers” that is someone that spends their day doing mental work and not really physical work.  The book focuses on how to organize your tasks and projects at work as well as at home.  I have been putting some of the recommendations into practice and they seem to be very helpful so far.
  • I participated in the Ham Radio field day competition, I spent the weekend back at my parents farm making contacts along with KC2TOO, we had a great time, the weather turned out great, and I can’t wait for the next competition.
  • I have started building a robot, I am calling it an “autonomous dog toy”.  I will be posting more about it soon on the blog here.

So that is a quick snapshot of the last month.  It’s been crazy busy, but I am hoping to get back to my regular posting schedule this month, I really enjoy writing for the blog and watching the traffic grow to the site here.  I have a bunch of fun articles planned that I just need to put the finishing touches on before I can publish them here.

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