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May 24, 2010

Picture of the week (Wayne National Forest)

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Ok, I know that this picture doesn’t compare in beauty to the last few I posted, but I thought people would probably still enjoy it.

Last fall I went camping down to Wayne National Forest in the southern part of Ohio.   I have camped out in the woods for so many years I don’t even think about being out in the woods after dark as being creepy.  When I took this picture I was just playing around with the different settings on my new camera I had gotten right before the trip, when I showed Meagan this picture she said it seemed like if you looked at the picture long enough you would see sets of eyes just outside of the circle of light from my campsite.

After Meagan said that every time I look at this picture I imagine being out at the campsite and not seeing any animals around me anywhere, I snap a few pictures and don’t think anything more.  Then when I pull the pictures after the trip I look and just see sets of eyes all around me in the picture.  That would be creepy!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the picture, and look close, maybe you will see something looking back at you from the darkness…

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