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May 1, 2010

I am back on the air! (Ham Radio)

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I am excited today, my ham radio has been broken for the last several months and I hadn’t gotten around to sending it in for repair.  Well I got my radio back from being repaired yesterday, plugged everything in and the first time I keyed up the mic I was able to hit Colorado!

My radio is an old Icom ic-735, its a radio that was built back in the mid 80’s so it is getting pretty old, however in the ham radio world, the older the better for many people.  I have operated radio’s that are a bit older than mine right up to brand new ones, and you just can’t beat the sound and performance of these old radio’s!

So now I need to really get back to learning Morse code, I have a program for my iPhone that I listen to while driving into work each day that teaches me Morse code, I have learned the whole alphabet now and just need to learn the numbers and symbols now.  However just knowing the alphabet isn’t good enough, I need to get my speed up where I can recognize Morse code at the speed many people send it at (About 25 words per minute), right now my speed is about 5 words per minute.

Anyways, today is an exciting day, I love making contacts with random people and seeing how far I can get my signal on any given day.  I also think I am going to send a thank you note to the guy that fixed my radio (Matt KD8ZB at the ICOM Service Center in Michigan, www.sarts1.com).  Matt did a great job on my radio, it has never felt so smooth and it is working better than ever.

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