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February 4, 2010

Taking naps in the winter

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There are many great benefits to being Polyphasic, mainly being able to have the time to work on my own projects and still have time to spend with my wife, and also being able to be an early riser and a late night guy at the same time.  However these benefits come at a cost, and that cost is having to take naps all the time.

Normally you will never notice me taking my naps, I get them in before and after work and then over my lunch break (where I sleep in my car at work), however I happen to live in snow country which can make taking my noon nap quite difficult.  When I miss my noon nap I am still able to function, but I feel half awake and have a hard time concentrating on things, also I find it much harder to stay up at night and I end up falling asleep on the couch when I should be spending time with Meagan.

This is my third winter I have been through since I started Polyphasic, and I struggle every year with the problem of what to do about my noon nap.  The first year I was able to find a room that wasn’t in use at work and I slept there, however with my current job I haven’t been able to find a dependable place to take a nap.  On sunny days its not a problem, because it can be 15 degrees but with the sun out the car is warm enough to sleep comfortably.  However where I live we have very few sunny days.

So this week after being fed up with dealing with this issue I decided to pose the question on how to sleep in the freezing cold and be comfortable to a survival forum I read, it turns out I should have asked for advice years ago.  Within a couple of hours the consensus was to unzip a sleeping bag and use it as a blanket in my car or to get a down blanket, genius!  I had tried using a fleece blanket before and it helped but not much, I had never thought of using a sleeping bag before.

So today is my third day of using a sleeping bag in my car, what a difference, I have been totally comfortable and haven’t even noticed the cold.  The temperatures have been in the low to mid 20’s so not that cold, but I think I can deal with 15 degrees and up with this method.  One of the other tips they had on the forum was to fill a sock with rice and heat it up before I go out, I think I am going to try that out on some colder days, that would probably help deal with the initial cold until my body warms up the sleeping bag.

If you would like to read the discussion thread here it is: http://www.survivaltopics.com/forums/general-survival-gear/6012-cold-weather-blanket-ideas.html

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