You should be able to get a good sense about who I am from browsing the rest of this site, so I will keep this section brief.


I grew up on a good sized farm out in Pennsylvania in amish country.  I spent a lot of my childhood tearing apart everything I could get my hands on to figure out how it worked and also building all kinds of stuff in my woodshop.  I started woodworking at a very early age, I got my first saber saw in kindergarden, my first scrollsaw in third grade, and I built my own lathe when I was 13.  Also since I grew up in the middle of nowhere I spent a lot of time outdoors, my idea of a fun day would be to head out on the farm with a shovel and go play in a stream or something, I built several ponds by hand with my shovel.

As a teenager I worked for my brother in construction during the summers which has served me very well now that I own my own home, there isn't much that happens around the house I don't at least have an idea of how to fix it.  Also during my teen years my oldest brother who owns a car dealership used to give me old junker cars to run around in the field, I learned a good bit about car repair and also have excellent driving skills as a result of my time in the field.

I really wish more kids could grow up the way I did, I learned how to work hard, I learned so many good life skills, and I didn't just spend my days being entertained by the TV.


I am 28 years old, I have been happily married for 6 years, and we have two little Yorkie puppies.

I have a full time job as a software developer.  The focus of my job is ecommerce related, chances are if you shop online very much you have purchased something through the system I help develop.  I also have a side business doing mostly web development and web hosting, its nothing big but the extra money really helps out, and I find my side work to be very helpful in my full time job as well as it gives me a broader range of experience.


Myself and several other people are currently working towards buying a large chunk of land (hopefully around 100 acres) and build a self sufficient homestead, we each have different things we want to do with our sections of the land.  As for my plans, many of the hobbies I have listed on this site are things I am learning now in  preparation for us moving onto the new homestead.  I would love to have a large greenhouse running year around with Aquaponics that can supply food for ourselves and also produce an excess that we can sell to local restaurants or something like that.  My wife would like to have a bed and breakfast on the property.

I am sure I will come back and add more information to this page, but for now this should give you a little idea of who I am.